arrousel is key in the beginning?

Does one have to be arroused to feel anything or even build it up, or does arrousel come because it builds up? I don’t seem to pass just the basic enjoyable feeling towards next level while having aneros in me. So I think that maybe I’m not getting horny enough or something ?

Do even the experienced ones among you have an off day, where they don’t feel anything?

Any thoughts on all that?



  1. I describe it as different kind of horny there are times like now that all I want other times I just want traditional sex. Once your body gets used to the feeling it gets better and very addictive.

  2. Being horny definitely helps but I’ve never had a dead session although some sessions are more intense than others. I always reach dry orgasms and I play maybe twice a week on average but I know I can play every day and still get pleasure.

  3. When you get aroused, your prostate swells with fluid making it easier to find but also much more sensitive. If you press on it before getting aroused, it will just feel like a small spot of pressure. You probably won’t even know you’re hitting it if you’re new and not aroused.

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