To what degree can you exercise with a toy inside you?

I’m new to prostate and anal play. Picked up the syn trident on Halloween weekend with some water based lube. Been having a fun time with it, but do need to focus more on figuring out how to have fun *without* resorting to normal masturbation. I’m able to get the toy in without issue, though haven’t worn it too terribly long (maybe 30 minutes, an hour tops? Not for pain/discomfort, just doing different things). How long can/should I wear one for consecutive time?

Part of that is really honing in on what arouses me and how to really activate that more naturally.

One of the things which naturally does is most exercise. So I’m wondering if I can safely exercise with it in? Yoga and bodyweight exercises are perfectly fine, though I do also have a kettlebell.



  1. I’ve had a toy in while doing kettlebell swings in the past. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it also really didn’t do anything for me. If anything, I was probably numb afterwards. I’d keep exercise & prostate play separated unless you’re doing some role playing scenario

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