Am i making progress towards super o?

I tried the ‘do nothing technique’ while listening to binaural beats from shibby. I relax as much as i can while maintaining steady breathing and focusing on the good plesureble feeling. After few minutes, my penis start to get hard and involuntry contractions happens on it own. It start to clench and squeeze the aneros inside me and it become stronger over time. I tried to focus on the throbbing of my pc muscle inside me as it make me squirming with pleasure a little bit. It lasted long enough for me to enjoy that squeezing feeling but i dont think it is good enough to be called a prostate orgasm or super o. There is some precum flowing from the tip of my penis but not so much. So, any advice experiences prostate player can gives me?



  1. I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. It’s a journey and you should enjoy every feeling on the way there. Relaxing and NOT searching for the prostate ORGASM is key. When you enjoy every little feeling for what it is, the feelings will become familiar and sexualized to your body, thus becoming easier to reach one if the next sessions.

    You’ll eventually feel your prostate very subtly, but that’s the start. Don’t try to orgasm, try to find your prostate and just enjoy the feel of it no matter how minimal it is. The feeling will grow with practice. The prostate orgasm isn’t an event like a traditional orgasm that you get to. It’s everything you feel from the start. Each GOOD session is progress. It’s like climbing, but there’s no destination, just different platforms to reach that each feel amazing when appreciated. They will get better and more satisfying in a way that will feel slightly different every time, but will include different combinations of feelings that you have acquired through your journey. Some incredible, some duds, some that will have you feeling like you’re body is exploding with pleasure…and some frustrating.

    Remember, not all sessions are going to be great, you’re practicing every session. I learned a lot from my journey so far. Especially when I wasn’t fully in the mood but had time when my girlfriend was out for a little, I would try and force it, and that doesn’t work.

    You’ll know when your prostate is ready. It’s a more mental horny, and eventually you’ll become aware if your prostate area, that’s when you’re ready. If you don’t have the time or privacy, lay in bed and put on a dull movie or show as a cover, or trek people you’re napping. Explore thoughts that get you going, but thoughts that don’t involve your dick. From this you’re practicing your relaxation, breathing, and learning new arousing thoughts and feelings.

    As odd as it sounds I try to imagine what my girlfriend feels when we’re fooling around and all the sensations she has inside or even when I play with her nipples (she’s got the best nipples I’ve ever seen! I can’t imagine how good she feels when I tease them). One day I was thinking about how she must feel when I go down on her and I imagined her licking my taint, all of a sudden I could feel as if SHE was licking and teasing my prostate directly and THAT is what woke my prostate up completely toy free. I know that’s not possible, but I didn’t think about the anatomy of it, I just imagined how it would feel. That’s my switch. Hopefully you can find yours. Sometimes I imagine get rubbing her nipple against it. It’s so fucking oddly impossible, but DON’T picture, JUST FEEL IT.

    I hope that helps a bit. It’s more mental than physical at first. But you’re on the right path. Enjoy ANY even remotely good feelings and try to remember them, store them away for next time. At first you might feel your prostate is being touched by the tiny head of a pin, but it will grow with time, practice, and relaxation.

    Good luck, it’s really a mind opening experience! I feel happier afterwords as well. Just try not to cum at the end, and if you REALLY need to, take out the massager and try your best to seperate it by at least 15 minutes.

  2. It looks very promising to me. Keep it up and the pleasure will only increase.
    All sessions are profitable, even the ones that seem to be a failure.

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