I thought I was gona die

Last night I got the closest I’ve ever gotten to a prostate orgasm. I was right on the edge, my entire body was shaking like jack hammer. My heart was beating very very fast which had me a bit nervous. It was pure bliss and pleasure. Then my body started to go numb. I got that pins and needles feeling in my entire body almost immediately. The pleasure kept increasing but I decided to roll over and stop because I literally couldn’t feel my body and that pins and needles feeling is very uncomfortable especially when it’s your entire body. It felt like my body just broke and honestly I thought I might die. I thought I was having a heart attack or something but luckily it calmed down and I tried again, not sure why I tried again after that scare. I reached a similar level of pure bliss, heaven level pleasure but couldn’t get over the edge. It seems like with each session I make considerable progress. Maybe next time it will happen.

I do want to continue with this although last night was a bit scary. I’ve never felt my body shake so violently and my heart beat that aggressively. I’m thinking it may have been from the weed that I smoked. I think weed can increase heart rate. Also that numbness/pins and needles feeling was ridiculous, never felt it before in my entire body all at once.

I’m still in shock at the amount of pleasure that I experienced last night. I imagine it’s equivalent to what hard drugs feel like. I’m enjoying this journey very much. Going to try not fapping/fapping less and see if that can decrease my pleasure tolerance and send me over the edge. I do feel like I’ve been trying to force it a little bit which is probably holding me back. Next time I try hopefully my heart won’t explode or anything. Id like to continue living for the time being. Good luck to all trying to find your way with the aneros!

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  1. Keep a defibrillator and a registered nurse close by when playing! Just teasing you 😎

    In all seriousness, I’ve never been that affected by pplay.

  2. I’ve had some sessions that my heart rate alarm on my watch went off like 3 times. All from an Aneros Helix. I definitely recommend the no fapping. I haven’t yet this month and have been having incredible sessions.

  3. I’ve never reached that level of pleasure, but I’ve definitely had it where it feels like it’s hijacked your nervous system and your heart rate starts to go through the roof – and I don’t even smoke. Scared me the first few times it happened.

  4. Try to relax and don’t force anything. Continue to deep breathe thru your mouth.

  5. That’s exactly how it feels when you’re about to cross the edge. It is a mix of fear and crazy pleasure. Have you tried poppers right when you’re there in the edge? It will relax your body and shoot you right where you want to go. Just keep breathing and relax your mind

  6. Why do you say you’ve never been this close to a prostate orgasm? Why do you think you did not have a prostate orgasm?
    You say “It was pure bliss and pleasure” and “I’m still in shock at the amount of pleasure that I experienced last night”.
    For me it was a prostate orgasm(s). Maybe even Super-O’s. Congratulations! 

  7. The weed helps me immensely and it does through my body into overdrive. It was more than likely the weed that has you a bit paranoid.

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