A milestone!

I’ve been on the anal exploration wagon for a long time, but have been more seriously on the prostate pleasure path for 14 months now thanks to lots of different changing circumstances. I’m 34.

A couple of days ago I had a breakthrough moment.

My girl went to the office for the first time in months leaving me for a whole day of me time. I think I used it wisely: I spent the early morning with a coffee and a spliff of c13 haze.

I then made sure i had no distractions or interruptions, post morning bowel movement, for a few hours.

I prepped my bedroom with extra cushions, towels, lube, Noise cancelling headphones, near total darkness and mindgasm. I also hadn’t had sex or touched myself for 3 days.

On my back with knees bent and a cushion under my back/arse, I had the aneros progasm in for about 30 minutes before I focussed my thoughts on it. And then I registered it was there but did nothing and got some very pleasurable sensations after another 20 minutes or so, then it all disappeared. That’s kind of where I’ve been with the aneros for a year. So I took the aneros out, smoked a little more weed and poked around gently with my njoy wand. I found a very pleasurable position but felt like I was forcing it so I went back to the aneros and did some very gentle contractions on my side for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden I was rock hard, starting to feel some very rhythmic involuntary contractions, then I had an amazing dry orgasm.

My first one, and it was really something.

Felt like my first orgasm all over again where it kept building inside me for longer than I would’ve expected, felt alien and expanding but amazing and a little out of control throbbing pelvis wise. I felt I was shooting rope after rope but there was nothing. That throbbing and shooting sensation lasted about a minute and then I had a warm tingling glow all over for about 5 minutes. I was numb after that and couldn’t get back to where I was to try and have another.

I really wanted to have another and I reckon that’s why I couldn’t.

I cannot wait for the next day she goes back into the office so I can try less and hopefully achieve even more.

Maybe now I’ve had one I can more easily have more. I really hope so. It was amazing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/qrjdcb/a_milestone/


  1. I really need to figure out how to keep my aneros in while on my side. I’ve tried it a few times. It gets really pleasurable once my Progasm finds the spot, but at that point, the toy is sticking so far out (right before the first bump at the base) that it inevitably pops out.

  2. Congratulations 🥳

    You’re getting the hang of it. Next time should be easier now that you know what to look for!

  3. All we need is that precious alone time. Can’t get the same result with people in the house and disturbances. My best sessions are when I’m alone (like today) where I can moan, grunt, scream etc. I feel that helps stir up all that sexual energy.

  4. Make sure you do long deep breathing.The pleasure makes it easy to forget to breath deep.When I inhale hard the aneros touches that special place.

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