I don’t feel anything unless I clench

My sessions in the last few months have been nothing short of amazing, and I would say that what I’m experiencing are orgasms. But with each one I’m always in a state where I never really feel like I’ve gone “over the edge” like in a traditional orgasm. I get intense pleasure, a hard involuntary clench that can least for 30s or so and build into another one, but I never have that same feeling of satisfaction I get from a normal penile orgasm or that feeling of going passed the point-of-no-return. And I don’t really get the pulsing feeling that I get when I ejaculate (I keep reading that people feel like they are cumming even though they aren’t). I get some pulsing but it’s not the same. At best it “almost” feels like I’m cumming but not quite.

So I did some reading and what I keep hearing is that people are staying relaxed and not clenching, and that’s what gets them over the edge. But in my experience I don’t feel anything at all unless I clench a bit. And then once the pleasure starts I start clenching even more. It’s almost involuntary. I can force myself not to clench if I try, but it’s not what my body is telling me to do. My body wants to clench harder and harder as the pleasure builds. I’ve tried forcing myself to relax and let go of the clench in these moments but as soon as I do the pleasure stops.

Like I said, I’m getting pretty intense pleasure and a lot of hard clenching all over my body the way I do with a penile orgasm (except way more intense). I seem to be orgasming. I’m just wondering if I’ll ever get that feeling of satisfaction and cumming. And I don’t know if I just need more time or if I’m missing something by letting my body clench during these moments.

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  1. Are you aroused heavily beforehand? Like taking days to weeks off from penile orgasms?

  2. My experience is that dry prostate orgasms are exactly as you describe – very pleasurable but they don’t really have the same sense of climax/resolution that an ejaculatory orgasm has. I get some pulsing, but as you say it’s different (feels more like it’s coming from the prostate than the penis). I haven’t actually had a Super-O yet, so I guess those may be different.

    I think if a clench/contraction is what it takes for you to get things started, that’s fine. I’m guessing things build to a point where the contractions/motions become pretty much involuntary anyways.

    If you really want that feeling of ejaculation, I guess try to work towards a HFWO, which usually requires more vigorous stimulation (eg thrusting with a dildo), from what I’ve read. To me the HFWO sounds a lot like a ruined orgams, so I haven’t really pursued it.

  3. You can clench too hard and desensitize yourself to the subtle sensations that lead to the best orgasms.

    I’ve found that allowing my body to clench just enough to get the involuntary movements and twitches happening is what has worked best for me.

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