Wow this made sex so much better? But also what is happening to me lol

I’ve been using an aneros for a little over a year now and had a few orgasms and a couple super os (but only when high and I can’t reproduce it anymore?). I’ve had a few partners in the past year but nobody that I really clicked with sexually and now I’m having the most insane sensations when bottoming with my new boyfriend. The second time we hooked up my abs felt tingly and went to sleep and today my hands cramped up and both my arms and my face went to sleep. It felt insanely good don’t get me wrong but also what is happening and has anybody else experienced anything similar?



  1. Penile orgasms feel much better with my wife now that I was able to reach super orgasms without toys. I feel waves of pleasure following ejaculation and they feel very nice. It’s nearly nothing compared to a prostate orgasm but pleasurable nonetheless.

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