Safe products for cleaning the toy without soap and water.

I still live with my parents and while I’ve informed them that I am using toys just so that I could ensure I would have privacy from them snooping through my stuff. I’m still stuck with trying to find the time and place to actually enjoy the toy. I’ve always handled my stuff in the shower because for quick masturbation that works perfectly fine, but I can’t rely upon that as prostate play can last far longer and obviously a key is to be relaxed and I can’t relax while worry about not taking too long in the shower.

So I’m wondering if stuff like wet wipes would be safe to use on the product so that I could potentially enjoy myself in my room or maybe take my car and find some place quiet and still have a way of cleaning my toy and hands afterwards.


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  1. Put the toy in a ziplock and stuff it in your pants then get up to “go pee”. Just clean it up, stuff it back in your pants and head back to your room. That’s the kind of stuff I did growing up. 🤷‍♂️

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