1. You may want to change to a good water base lube. There is lots of them. Aneros forum has lots of info on lubes.
    Maybe your anal muscles are not developed enough. Doing kegels will help and continue to practice a few times a week.
    Aneros forum has alot of info. Maybe a good idea to check it out.

  2. Wait…is it a vibrating toy?
    I’ve yet to buy an Aneros, do they move on their own?
    I thought you needed to use your pelvic muscles to guide them

  3. * Try a new lube (don’t use Vaseline, find something body/butt safe)
    * Try actively squeezing a bit. The “do nothing” technique does not work for everyone
    * For some it takes time to develop the sensations (even the first ones). Look up/research “rewiring” a bit.
    * make sure you’re prepping well enough. Cleaning, getting in the mood, good environment, etc. Plenty of this in the guides I think.
    * checkout the free mindgasm.net lessons.

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