oncoming p-gasm or not?

Got it in pretty easy, watched some porn and stroked. It was by clenching un-clenching that I was getting these kinda waves from my legs and god knows where. I prob could have cum hands free by clenching hard. Was this an approaching p-gasm? I know I was going to shoot liquid if I kept going.

The single button control is great and the vibrations are good. Seems better for solo play rather than shared.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/qtvm6v/oncoming_pgasm_or_not/


  1. I haven’t yet purchased the Helix Syn V, but I do have a Helix Syn. When I first started I would have to clinch to get things going. Now I don’t have to do anything but lay there with it in. I have had one HFWO with it, I tend to have more dry orgasms and p gasms with my Aneros.

  2. I know what you mean, i came HFWO like this a couple of times too .. if I clench and force it, its nice but its a regular orgasm with different aproch and stimulation.

    At first I thought those were the famous p gasms, but they are not.

    In order to get a real dry prostate orgasm, you have to do the opposite: relax and pay attention to the most subtle feelings. They grow with time and practice, as there seems to take a bit long (sometimes months or years) for your brain to recreate a new neural “interpretation “ of an orgasm. Ive recently achieved this and they are real! For me, its not like a point of no return followed by pelvic pulsation , its more of a growing intense pwave that reaches a climax and keep going..

    Just be patient, forget all you know about a dick orgasm and focus on those new feelings, eventually you will feel it and understand what Im saying.

    Keep trying, its worth it! (Took 4 months here)

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