Not sure what happened

Last night I decided to give the aneros another shot. For background, I’ve been at this for about 3 years with mixed results. Ive have had plenty of great experiences with prostate stimulation so I truly believe in this journey! Because I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t ejaculated in 6 days. I was feeling particularly horny and decided to give it a shot, this time with absolutely no expectations, some weed, and the mindgasm audio. This was the first time I used the audio, and at first I wasn’t sure but then I really fell into it. I realized that after all these years, I had been doing contractions completely wrong! After a little bit I started to feel a warm, almost tingly sensation in my prostate region. My dick varied between a semi and completely soft for the majority of the time. After a while, I started getting involuntary contractions and my dick became rock hard. I could feel the pressure building, almost like I had to pee. All of a sudden I just start leaking cum, and have a hands free orgasm. It was a massive load, felt incredible and I felt like I could probably have another orgasm. I tried for a little but no results. Am I on the right path? I wanted to achieve the multiple dry orgasms that I see people talking about here, and while I’m satisfied with the results of my session I’m not sure why It was wet


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  1. First, happy for ya! Second, how were those contractions different/what were you doing wrong?

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