Random & on-demand a-less P-waves

I’ve made a couple of posts on this sub about my experiences with the Aneros, haven’t had anything especially mind blowing to share recently, but I’ve noticed something today and I wanted to ask others about.

It’s typical I find, a couple of days after an Aneros session, to get random p-waves. Typically when I’m sitting down, in fact a few of them have happened when I’ve just been bored at work.

I noticed today though, I was driving home (well I was stationary in traffic) and I just started thinking about my prostate and… In doing that… It just felt good. I’ve tried a couple of other times this evening and I think I can just generate p-waves by basically just thinking about it. I notice when it’s happening I tense up, and when I relax the feeling dissipates quickly, but the feeling is pretty damn nice!

Has anyone else noticed this? Can I consider this good progress on the “rewiring” front?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/qwa07c/random_ondemand_aless_pwaves/


  1. Pretty common – there’s a few threads about just this effect.

    Just enjoy it, you’re noticing new things and I’d say this is a good sign.

  2. Yup, as I’ve gotten into prostate play there have been times I’m just sitting at my desk, driving on the road, or even laying on the bed where the pressure of sitting on my prostate will give me shivers and warm tingles
    (there was a time I was sat at my desk waiting for edibles to kick in where when they started to I almost had an orgasm just sitting there)
    I think it is a good indication of progress!

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