Thoughts on completely transitioning to no-hand orgasms?

I supposed I should get to the core of what I’m asking. I’ve been holding back all November without masturbating and my idea is that I won’t go back to masturbating traditionally and will instead try to rely solely upon the aneros that way my libido builds up (since I already have quite a low sex drive) and I can find it more enjoyable. I’m just concerned that completely giving up traditional masturbation and orgasms might cause my libido to flat-line or result in me having difficult enjoying sex or masturbation in the future if I decide to switch back.

Like I just can’t help but think that if I really go through this without ever touching my dick then eventually it will no longer get erect because there simply won’t be a need and I’ll struggle to enjoy sex again if I ever get in a relationship.



  1. This has pretty much been my mindset since rewiring. I cant remember the last time I sat down and jerked to completion on purpose. Key words “on purpose”.

    I try go for 1 or 2 aneros sessions a week. I have MANY more Aless (w/o toy), and nipple play sessions that are sometimes more intense and definitely more convenient than aneros sessions.

    NOW, I do edge often and it’s gotten to the point where edging can setoff my prostate which has definitely taken some time to anticipate and learn control, hence my “on purpose” comment from earlier. Have had a few ruined orgasms where i didnt quite stop in time, but now I know where my edge is and i can tightrope walk it for HOURS.

    I will say, being able to combine edging, p-play, nipple stim has completely enhanced my sexlife in ways I never thought possible. I’m 37, straight, happily married and our sexlife is the best it’s ever been, confirmed by my wife as well lol. Your mileage may vary.

  2. I do aneros sessions twice a week and aless and nipple play in between. However I believe not traditionally masterbating can be trouble later. I’ve read a few posts on various sites where some guys haven’t touched their penis in a long time and then had ED issues. So that’s why I do both. But I keep my penile orgasms dry. Meaning no ejaculation unless I want to. If you don’t use it you can lose it in my opinion.

  3. You can get back the so-called libido, a concept that is laughable to me, by jerking off daily.

    But what has been seen can not be unseen, you may not want to get it back.

  4. I have switched back at the moment from being fully rewired…..

    At one stage I could Aless at will and would almost have a super O every night laying in bed with Aless…. it started to get a bit much tho and was not sleeping enough as was too enjoyable… or wake up mid night with the body buzzing like crazy.

    It took about 1 week to lose all Aless feelings (the way to get rid of them was to masturbate alot and get back to the old way)…. now I am back to pre wiring stage and nothing has changed…..

    I am sure at some stage I will go back to re wiring.. but you can def go back and forwards between them. (The fastest way to rewire for anyone trying is to give up masturbation… the only time I cam was during sex… and plenty of aneros sessions and Aless)

  5. I have not jerked off yet this month and even gotten my wife off without traditional sex. I have been engaging in prostate play all month (a lot) and believe I am “rewired”. I have no issues with getting hard when my wife is involved. I actually seem to get stronger erections the more prostate play I engage in. I have decided that I am going anal only when it comes to masturbation, regular masturbation just does not appeal to me. Actual sex very much still does.

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