Coconut oil “dosage”?

Hey all. Just found my way from a fistful of KY to now using coco oil frozen inserts.

Did a little experiment today with about a tablespoon of virgin coco oil to a teaspoon of shea butter. Melted in microwave for a few seconds and used a 5 ml syringe to freeze “pellets”.

Used 1 pellet and put a little extra shea on myself and the toy. Had about a 1.5-2hr session with my helix syn. Worked WAY better than the KY but my question is, how many MLs are you guys using for longer sessions?

The lube held up great, but wasn’t quite as slippery coming out as I expected. Some ppl talk about leaving in overnight and while I’m not planning on that, I dont think the 5 ML pellet would be enough. Safe to use like 2 pellets for a total of 10 ML? Have used a shooter with KY before and found that too much could irritate my insides. Is this an issue with coconut oil too? Maybe would be better with just the oil and no shea?

Also, have heard mixed feedback as to whether it will degrade the syn toys…not too worried as my next purchase will be hard plastic, tired of limited lube options…



  1. At first, I was making 3 gram suppositories of organic shea butter in addition to the layer on the massager, but I noticed that the lubrication was sufficient for all my massagers (from the smallest, the Peridise, to the biggest, the Progasm) with only a layer of shea butter on the massager.

    I don’t do long sessions. My sessions last between 1 and 2 hours.
    I had tried coconut oil, but it caused me minor irritation.

  2. Why do you need to freeze it? Coconut oil at room temp goes hard… you take it out of the container in little pebbles and slide it in.

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