Fun With My Aneros – Wow!

I bought a new prostate massager and took it for a spin last night. The sensation of fullness was amazing. It’s a little big for me, but the sensations were amazing.I started out doggy, with my ass in the air. My prostate got swollen from arousal and soon I could feel it pegging my gland. My dick started leaking and my nipples got hard and puffy. I’ve notice since I started playing with my prostate, they’re hard and swollen most of the day.

I was watching porn and just paying attention to the sensations in my pelvis and perineum. Suddenly, I felt the ridged band of my foreskin becoming erect. The foreskin undergoes its own arousal and erection. I couldn’t keep my fingers out of the ridge on the top side of my cock (side closest my abs) and ended up stroking this. I find I can have multiple wet orgasms when I ignore the cockhead and focus on the ridged band (if uncut look it up) and frenulum. I started stroking there and the Aneros started tapping my prostate because of my muscle spasms.

I felt myself go over the edge but it just kept coming. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me. I felt myself unloading, spraying my face and all over my body. I kept stroking my ridge and I was coming again 40 seconds later. The Aneros pounded my prostate now. I couldn’t stop moaning at the strong movement and fucking it was giving me. My cock kept unloading all over my abs and chest. While I normally feel a snapping sensation, this time, my orgasm just kept hitting me. All my muscles relaxed. I thought I would lose bladder control. It felt like something opening. All my tension faded. I felt vital, alive. It felt so amazing. I felt so close to myself. I was almost humming with energy.



  1. Not trying to spray my face, but thanks for the hot description. What do you mean it “felt like something opening”? Haven’t heard that one before.

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