Considered myself orgasmic, then got a new toy and had a brand new experience

A few months ago I started having what I consider to be orgasms while using my MGX and Eupho. It’s been glorious and I’ve been playing almost every night. The feeling I get is basically the sensation that I’m right on the edge of orgasm, then everything clenches up and I feel pleasure in my internal muscles that lasts for like 15-30 seconds (I can’t tell) and usually rolls into another orgasm in my PC muscles if I give them a few squeezes during the previous orgasm. During my PC orgasm it almost feels like I’m cumming but not quite. And during the height of my sessions these orgasms can continue rolling into each other. In the end though, I still feel the desire to cum and like I never really “got over the edge.” It’s strange to feel like I’m orgasming but also not satisfying that itch to cum. (Because the orgasm is a totally different type than a traditional penile orgasm). Overall the sessions are wonderful and I’ve been really happy with how things are going, while also knowing that there’s more out there.

But then…

This last week I decided to get a new toy. The Maximus trident. I wanted it because it’s shorter but also thicker than the Eupho, and I thought it would put more pressure in the right areas.

When I first put it in and laid down, I immediately realized that it did not hit the same spot as the Eupho, and I really didn’t feel anything at all. I was disappointed and thought that I had just purchased a dud. But I decide to chill for a minute and give it a chance.

Then something happened that I had never experienced before with any other toy. I started feeling this tiny little sensation that’s somewhere between a tickle and an itch but pleasurable. I tried to do what I normally do which is to clench down or thrust my hips forward. This normally makes things more intense with the Eupho, but it did nothing for this new sensation. Nothing I did increased the sensation, and if anything it was a distraction. I had to just chill and almost hold back my body from doing what it normally does, and the sensation would just grow on its own. It was amazing and new and I realized I had just found a whole new path to pleasure that I hadn’t felt before.

I had to cut my session early unfortunately, but I couldn’t wait to explore more. And when I went to go clean up I realized that I had leaked some cum despite not being hard at all. This was the first time I had ever leaked anything which was pretty crazy.

Then last night I got the chance to play again. I was able to find the sensation again and tried to just let it ride. As the pleasure built my muscles twitched and ached to squeeze down fully but I knew that wasn’t the way, and I did my best to hold back and landed somewhere in the middle of clenched and relaxed. This pleasure built and waned multiple times over the session, and I even had some of the orgasms that I normally get with my Eupho, though less intense. Then, right before I was about to end my session I decided to watch one more porn video and I’m glad I did, because the sensation came back and I almost immediately felt like I had a mini penile orgasm. My PC muscles pulsed like I was cumming but no cum can out, and I was completely soft. Then over the next minute or so the pleasure built and my dick got hard and I I had and orgasm that felt a lot like a penile orgasm but more intense and totally dry. It was amazing and I finally felt like I had gotten over the edge and had a really satisfying orgasm. Though I still wanted more, haha. I ended the session there and went to bed. But even today i can still feel a tickling buzz in my prostate and I can’t wait to play again.

I just wanted to get this all out because it was amazing and I wanted to see if other people had experienced two completely different types of orgasm with different toys. It’s crazy because all of the advice I’ve read about relaxing never worked for me with the MGX or Eupho or any other toys, and now I realize that it’s because I was experiencing a totally different type of orgasm than I do with the Maximus. And even still I feel like I’m only half relaxed.

I’m super stoked to continue exploring this new path.



  1. Such a great post. And so much you described that I can relate to. Pretty much everything but having a “dry O’s”, but I feel so close to what you experienced. And I’m pumped!!

  2. This was a beautiful read and sounds like an amazing (you said Maximus trident right?) experience! So you just lied down relaxed with a small barely noticeable clench and let the sensations come as they would?

    Few questions
    Did you have anything (weed and such) with it or was this just with the toy itself? What kind of lube did you use? Around how long did it take for sensations to really kick in? And what kind of lube did you use? And lastly how long has it been between that and your last penile orgasm do you think?

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Same happened to me.. I’ve recently managed to start getting dry Os with a mini dildo, but then I changed to a Helix Syn and ohh boy.. finally felt a full – satisfying – orgasm (as an extended penile one) and constant prostate stimulation.. for sure a huge difference!

  4. Started with Helix Syn… great way of learning how to move the aneros around inside… worked it for 2 yrs but only achieved amazing penile orgasms… felt I needed bigger but too big would hurt and tear me… bought the Maximus Trident… dry PO’s almost immediately… practice with smaller massager then move larger and fuller Aneros… love the Maxi… Progasm size was too large for me…

    You MUST sensitize your nipples during play… this will eventually feel like your nipples are attached to your prostate….
    You must use plenty of Lube…
    Do NOT watch porn while your “working”… it’s ok to use to get you in the mood…
    Vibrators will not get you to Dry PO’s… might feel good but over stimulate your prostate… wanna use them for enhanced penile orgasms, then go for it…
    Good Luck

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