Advice on first model for experienced user.

I’ve been wanting to buy an aneros for a long time now, but because of the price and my financial situation I would only be purchasing one.
With so many models I am unsure of what model to purchase.

At the moment I am leaning toward the progasm as I enjoy larger sized objects, but I’m concerned it may not be as good for the g spot stimulation in comparison to something like the helix for example.

I am looking for something I can use solo and practice for prostate orgasm entirely hands free, I enjoy a fuller feeling of something a bit thicker, I do have a lot of experience with butt stuff in general as I have cheaper prostate stimulators and I occasionally do pegging with my wife.

If anyone could help me with a recommendation that would be great



  1. I got the Progasm and though I don’t really do butt stuff that much it definitely didn’t feel too big. I followed their instruction booklet and it went in very easily and without any discomfort.

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