Eupho Syn

Honestly I’m just not sure if I’m like following the directions right. This is 100% true, I purchased the njoy pure wand and really stopped having success with it. But I just purchased the eupho syn and it doesn’t do much for me on its own. Like if I’m not manipulating it somehow, it feels super good but have never really had any desire to try to use it completely handsfree, like many on this sub do. But if I start fucking myself with it or just using one hand to put some pressure on my prostate, I have a wet orgasm within about 5 minutes handsfree. Every time.


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  1. You should think about trying to use it as it was designed, and try for dry orgasms, not wet.

    Wet orgasms put an end to the play, dry can keep going, which is the key to eventually getting into super-o territory.

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