1. Progasm it’s the only one I have experience with. It’s big, long. Goes way beyond the prostate. Feels great though.

    Jr is probably actually more prostate focused, however I rarely see folks singing it’s praises. I see a lot of love for Progasm BlackProgasm Ice(the one I have). That love is well deserved. You probably won’t regret the Progasm if you go that route.

  2. Here’s a size comparison. Progasm-review/" rel="nofollow ugc">https://sexualalpha.com/aneros-Progasm-review/

    My opinion is that the difference is so minute, it won’t really matter. It’s a little bit shorter and a tiny bit slimmer.

  3. The 20th Anniversary edition is PERFECT. I have both and love the Jr. but holy shit the big guy can put me in orbit.

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