Should I cut the tab of my Progasm Ice?

So I’ve been using the Helix Trident for a while, but I always felt it was not big enough, compared to other prostate massagers I have. So I bought the Progasm Ice Red, but I couldn’t enjoy a bit.

All because of the P tab, or however it’s called, the handle that rests on the perineum. It applied a pressure, that was not pleasurable at all, but it was painful instead. It was a sharp pain that was extremely distracting, and well, painful.

It feels so antinatural compared to the Helix, and the fact that is hard plastic instead of silicone makes it so much worse. In fact I think the whole thing would be better if it was silicone instead of plastic.

So I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if there’s a workaround for it, like adding some extra cushion or whatever, or if it’s ok if I just cut it off.

But as it is right now, it’s just impossible to wear for more than 5 minutes.



  1. I hate the tabs on the Progasm too. Thanks for the reminder, I was going to heat them to get the plastic soft and twist them so they point the opposite direction.

  2. Cut the other tab (K-tab) the back one allows more movement and leave the ptab as that is what helps rock on prostate. Also look into using Sugru which is a moldable rubber that hardens after an hour. This will soften the ptab.

  3. It really doesn’t bother me at all. I have the 20th anniversary edition, maybe it’s a better design. Before deciding to cut it, you could try dampening it with a piece of tissue.

  4. Try using [Sugru]( you can mold it around the P-tab, and since it’s rubber it’s soft. Did wonders for my Helix, and it’s cheaper then ruining it. A small three pack is only $8.79 online.

  5. I don’t have issues with it. It’s like it doesn’t have any more space to go so it can’t put any serious pressure. I’ve had issues with classic and dime tabs, those can really hurt.

  6. Buy eye dropper with rubber bulb… take the bulb off and put it over the p tab… no more hurting

  7. I hated the p-tab too. Take a heat gun to it and bend it down, it works 100% better.

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