Losing control

Update at the bottom.

Long post, thanks again to all who read and respond.

Always knew there was something back there, so I finally joined the club about year ago. Great fun, slowly re-wiring since I can’t play often…family, 3 kids, time is not my friend.

Had to travel for work recently, so I finally had some alone time. Took my toys, had a great few days. No super, maybe dry O’s for first time. And I can now HFWO every other time.

I even realized the progasm is the wrong tool for me. Gave me great pleasure, but its a jackhammer, and I end up wet and then sore every time. So I threw it out, and I might do the same with my MGX since it also doesn’t feel like it moves. If that makes sense.

Haven’t been able to play for a couple weeks. Now, the losing control….it’s like my body doesn’t belong to me this week. Almost like I broke a nerve or something. Is this normal?

I ride bike, a lot. Love everything about it, even the tight cycling clothes if I’m honest. I work hard to be fit and it’s a turn on to wear in public and catch people checking me out. I do get the odd erection, but in 20yrs on a bike I have never had an orgasm in the saddle. I’ve had two on my peloton this week, both wet. Yes I know the seat can put pressure on the sweet spot, but this has NEVER happened to me before. Second time I was soft and it was less than 5 min after I got on the bike. WTF?

I also do yoga, a lot. Come on guys, hot flexible girls in tight pants…why are you fools not crowding the studio with me! Your loss. It’s great for athletes and every prostate lover should practice. Ask a woman about her practice. The breath work, focus, stretching, muscle control, and even the feminine aspects totally cross over to play time. Even one of the common mantras…accept what your practice gives you. Sound familiar? I know yoga, but I’ve never had this happen. I’ve even had a few coregasms (wet orgasm from abdominal work), but only once every other year, and only when doing intense lower ab work. Never after practice while resting in shavasana (corpse pose, lying there and breathing). I had one like that this week, and was breaths away from a second this afternoon. WTF?

I feel kind broken in the most wonderful way. I’m even getting full on emotional at things, I cried watching a kids movie the other day! I cry when kids are born….not watching Disney. WTF?

Seriously, has any one else gone though this, or have any idea what I mean? I feel like I need a sex mentor, or a pen pal, or something. Maybe this is like the sexual awakening that some women describe? If so, its unsettling as hell.

Peace friends.

Update – I’m now very convinced this part of my re-wiring!

Everything I do makes me horny, and I’m getting so much random wood that I have to hide it like a teenager! Had the best involuntaries I’ve ever had after yoga this morning, my inner thighs were quivering like guitar strings and a couple more seconds and it would have been HFWO. But I managed to stop myself for once. My Eupho arrives tomorrow…I’m saving myself!

Question for others who may have had similar experiences….do you think rewiring goes faster with more frequent play, or by practicing A-less like I do after yoga?


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  1. Yep, all the time, but dry orgasms. I can have them all day if I like. Emotions,music, touch, thought, can trigger one.

  2. Which toy has been working for ya if I may ask?
    Also this sounds like an amazing albeit mildly inconvenient state of being
    Hope to reach it too!

  3. Domt throw the Progasm! Come back to it later.. if u need subtle then a Eupho is that.. or a Helix. My first super O was with a Helix Syn and to that point the Progasm hadnt worked for me muxh either.. it is a jack hammer.. trick is to vary the pressure it puts on the prostate I mean it puts constant pressure on but you can sort of ripple around it which is deliciously exquisite… the Eupho is far more subtle and moves so much more… anyway you’re having fun and the experience evolves… good post ….

  4. I can’t relate to HFWO, don’t have muscles for that, but the emotions are great. I don’t care for the sad stuff though, only things that make me smile like a happy idiot.

  5. When you become rewired and you are having orgasms using a prostate massager:
    You will in time start having orgasms without the massager called aless. These orgasms can happen at anytime. An example of this is rock music. The bass sets me off sometimes. Top gun the movies music does this to me.
    Emotions are the same way. An example is a movie scene that pulls an reaction, an exotic scene for one, ect..

    The longer you practice, you will find your whole body will become one big erotic zone. My nipples will do this. Writing you now, my inner thighs are on fire.

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