Helix or progasm?

I need some help choosing between the helix trident and progasm ( or ice).

I am no stranger to anal play so the size would not be an issue. I have used dildos and plugs for years and have always been interested in the elusive super O. I have an njoy pure wand but just couldn’t get it to do much other than force precum out. I was definitely going too hard.

I recently went through mindgasm for about a month and am finally realizing the muscles and sensation I should be looking for. I have had a lot of success after reading posts on the aneros sub. The do nothing method works great to get movement started. I have a knockoff toy that is similar to shape of the helix but larger. I can get involuntaries to start very regulary and now have full body shakes but not a whole lot of pleasure. I think the toy is just too long. I am relatively short just under 5’7″ (170cm). My main worry with the progasm is that it won’t hit the right spot. Would the helix be a better first choice? I can really only get one right now but eventually I’d like to have both.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or input.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/r0o3e7/helix_or_progasm/


  1. Have Helix trident, Progasm, and Progasm Jr. Jr gets way more use. My belief is the Helix MIGHT need a personal tuning as it seems to basically “lawndart” when inserted. No regrets with any purchase just haven’t gotten around to trying to adjust. Bot bad mouthing Helix, just anatomy isn’t matching its current angels or setup. Good luck.

  2. It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you like the snug tighter fit of the Progasm than go for it. But you’ll be sacrificing some movement. Personally with my experience ( and our same height ) I’ve had much better luck with the smaller toys. My Helix Trident moves on my prostate really well with my involuntaries and good lube. Same for my smallest of which would be the Eupho. Movement of your toy with your pc muscles through voluntary or involuntary means is key. This is the reason my Progasm has never really worked out for me. Chose wisely. Good luck.🙂👍

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