Cannabis as training wheels?

So far in my journey I find (like many others it seems) that cannabis helps a lot with experiencing really good prostate pleasure. I was wondering if anyone here has had the experience to able to reach the Super O using cannabis, and then once getting the hang of it, been able to reach it while sober in sessions afterward? I don’t like to use it because I feel I may become dependent on it to really notice those sensations during a session.



  1. I have never used cannabis or any drugs. I can reach hwfo hfo and on occasion a super…..
    The thing is.. don’t chase the pleasure… let it find you.
    I have had 2 hfwo this weekend

  2. Honestly it did help me find it sooner. However i’m barely reaching anything sober. On the bright side multiple HFWO’s last week really convinced me cannabis was the best choice even if now it’s impossible to do without.

  3. It makes you know what feeling you are after… and you can get those feelings… but they will never be at the intensity you have as when on weed (obv it’s a drug for a reason)

    Think you can look at it as sex condom v non… still good but it’s hard to compare.

    Have had super O on weed…next level amazing… have had super O sober… more of the floating thru space feeling… still great.. but not comparable

  4. Oh yeah! I have incredible orgasms on weed…It feels like my prostate is soaked in weed and I can have mind blowing orgasms for hours without any toys or touching ( basically thinking myself off )

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