Damn weed habits

I’m not really a stoner, it doesn’t suit me at all though I have had cannabis habits for several periods throughout my life.

Always been around people and drugs my whole life, it’s what happens when you went to a school that was like a prison 😂 just with my mental health and my environment, I generally fit in with social drug users.

So from like 19 to being 22 I was a habitual user, being several evening kid week and every weekend. Managed to kick the habit for years. I felt a huge improvement in myself mentally and socially. The pandemic came 2020 and during lockdown a friend and I met up to hang out in the park once and he gave me a little sample of his weed, which I obliged to smoke and took a little home. Through the boredom and frustration of lockdown I regularly looked to weed for an escape and was soon enough back in the rut again, but this time severely worse. I was picking up several times a week and smoking most mornings throughout the day.

It was great because I got to play with my Aneros regularly and had some great times making so much progress on my prostate rewiring journey.

I managed to break the cycle again, been totally clean (from weed) for at-least 2 months now, but every time I have a session with my toys now, afterwards I just regret not being high. It’s like the orgasms don’t come as easily. I don’t wanna build up a drug dependence again but damn… they go together just too nicely 🤬

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  1. I feel that too. I want to quit weed so bad, but it is almost necessary to use it during a season. I wish I had better self control. Best of luck to you.

  2. Make it a weed session once a month or once a fortnight and thats it… its discipline…

    No reason you can’t enjoy it every now and then… no need to be all or nothing…

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