Any thoughts on using the aneros during work/chores/gaming?

I was wondering what peoples experiences was with keeping an aneros in during work or throughout the day. Does it make it harder to use the aneros during a session because it’s just a normal thing now? Has it helped your sessions? I have a trident and a Progasm. I was thinking of keeping the Progasm in throughout the day because it’s the one I mostly use.

I also have been thinking about keeping it in while I game because i usually smoke weed during that time and I don’t smoke during work or during the daytime. Any thoughts on that?



  1. I use my Progasm while gaming, before the wife and i have sex. It’s not particularly comfortable when gaming, as i can’t focus on the prostate sensations … It’s kinda like having something to your butt for no reason. During breaks or between levels, i can do a few kegels to get some pleasure.

    However, it does make my prostate, and head out my penis, a more sensitive once we have sex (i keep mine inserted during our sex sessions), as it has had a steady stream of stimulation, pleasant or not.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Ive spent an entire evening out with one in… not worth it in my humble opinion… unless you just like the idea of a “secret” nobody else knows about. Might as well just toss in a plug

  3. I’m not sure about work. I’ve recently taken to falling asleep with the Trident and Syn V, though both are on the smaller side. Trident is a bit smaller and more comfortable.

    But this is just at home and doing desk stuff, being in bed (looking at phone, resting), and maybe quickly going to the kitchen. I also take a normal dose edible with play.

    I would start with the Trident, just do it at home while gaming or watching netflix, however you wind down for the evening, and evaluate yourself. I am still working on general play, trying to ignore masturbation, and really focusing in on hands free play. If you’re a bit more advanced than that, YMMV.

    You can also play with how you sit, depending on your setup.

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