Just got Syn V. Suggestions for vibrations?

This is not a question about general use of the Aneros products. I got the Syn trident on Halloween and have enjoyed it enough to come back for the Syn V. Though still really need to focus on pure prostate play and not masturbating at the same time.

These will be pretty stupid questions!

Do you choose the vibration mode before or after insertion? I would assume before, but from reading the “About this product” thing they seem to suggest doing it after? This confuses me a bit since it seems like it’d be pretty hard to change after!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/r6nu70/just_got_syn_v_suggestions_for_vibrations/


  1. It’s easy to turn it on/off and change the mode while it’s inserted. Practice beforehand so you know where the buttons are and how long you need to hold them. Enjoy!



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  2. I usually leave the vibration setting off until I insert it, then let myself get a bit comfortable before I turn it on.

    I’ve also tried turning it on before I insert, on the first pattern, lowest setting.

    It’s actually really easy to change the settings once it is inserted, so you could do whatever you’re comfortable with. One press to change pattern, two to turn it off, and hold for a few seconds to change the intensity, although you probably already know that.

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