1. In my experience, the movement on it is fairly minima,l mostly internal. You don’t use it like a dildo to go in and out, it just kind of sits in there and then you use your Kegel muscles to get the minimal movements to stimulate the prostate. For me, if I’m not fully turned on, it takes a little bit longer for the prostate to wake up, whereas if my wife and I are going to be playing shortly and I’m turned on, the aneros starts stimulating almost from the onset.

  2. it moves only a bit. the p spot is sensitive.. use kegels as mentioned its more of a feeling than actual thrusting or moving about.

  3. it does move a tiny bit but you need to make sure you are using enough lube… you don’t need big movements for it to stimulate your prostate

  4. Use your Kegel muscles to get things started, that will put more pressure on your P spot, when it starts tingling I just relax en enjoy the pwaves. When approaching climax I’m doing a lot of heavy breathing and trying to get a good rolling effect between pc muscles and sphincter. When climaxing I loose control and I’m not sure what’s going on, I think it’s just moving on it’s own. I even ejected it a few times, just popped out by itself.

  5. I would go farther and say don’t try moving it. Just relax and feel things. Make sure you are super horny first.

  6. I would say the movement is more like a shaking. Slightly movements up and down

  7. I feel like it’s more that you move around the Aneros – smaller toys more, larger less.
    Sounds odd but it’s like the Prostate and supporting muscles ripple around the toy.. well that’s only my perception. The actual movement regardless is not much and doesn’t need to be at all. YMMV.

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