Eupho and do-nothing? Also general questions…

Does using the Eupho to the highest degree possible require voluntary contractions and clenching, e.g. kegels? In other words, does it work well with the do-nothing approach? I’m asking because I read the following somewhere: *”The design
means that the Eupho will move the most of all our models. Therefore the user needs to have highly developed PC muscles in order to control the Eupho. The thin head will “dance” all-around the prostate providing subtler sensations than the other models.”* Does that mean the Eupho only works if you actively make it work via muscle contraction? Would it work if I just sit with it in and chill? Not actively and or aggressively stimulating or arousing myself, but just chilling. Of course, involuntary contractions would probably happen once in a while and get things going occasionally, but would those be enough? Would the Eupho work in that situation?

Also, and just in general. How is the Eupho? The Aneros website puts in an ‘advanced’ category, above all other models apparently. Sure, maybe it takes high level skill, but does that also mean the pleasure and peek that one can go to is also high level, above what the other models have to offer?

Any pros and fans of the Eupho that can share what they think?

Thank you in advance for any input, I really appreciate it! =)



  1. It will work either way. More important is to raise your arousal and breathing thru your nose out your mouth. Kegels help get your pc and anal muscles developed. I also find semen retention adds to the experience.

  2. The Eupho is a fine massager. It is one of the easiest to use. I can tell you the size of the massager does not make a difference. How aroused you are and deep breathing are important. You may also try the mindgasm program. It will help in your development.

  3. I’m not an expert, enjoy the several Aneros toys I own, but haven’t had any mindblowing experiences yet. That said, the Eupho is my favorite of those I own. Feels like it moves better and pinpoints my prostate better.

  4. In my experience, the smaller Aneros move “more” than the larger ones with with either involuntaries or conscious contracting of the pelvic muscles. The larger models apply “more” pressure to the prosate and fill you up more. Both small and large are pleasurable, it just depends on the mood for me. Sometimes I like the full pressure of the Progasm Jr. and the next time I absolutley lose my mind with the Helix Trident Syn! the last time I used my Eupho Trident was probably 6-8 weeks ago and it gave extremely powerful sensations with very little input from me. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to schedule the Eupho tomorrow! 😎

    P.S. Everyone’s experience will be different, but I have had the overall best experiences with the “smaller” range of Aneros. I am 4+ years in and can Aless equal to an Aneros session but I still use the Aneros 1-2 times weekly to make sure I am pushing fluid out of the prostate. I am at the level now where when I have a strong prostate “dry” orgasm, my body will “push” fluid out of the prostate numerous times during a session. An interesting detail is that the deeper I am relaxed, the more fluid is expelled. I used to think that only the larger models pushed fluid but the last time I used the Eupho Trident, I expelled more prostate fluid than the previous session with a Maximus Trident. So, in my experience, the size of the Aneros is irrelevant, and the level of relaxation is an important factor. YMMV

  5. I just got the Eupho last week. Love it! It now sits alongside the others I own (Progasm Ice, MGX Trident, Maximus Trident, and Helix Trident). Honestly dont have a favorite as they all are great. Depends on what you’re looking for. I think the Eupho makes you pay more attention to the prostate feelings exclusively as it doesn’t rub against your anal walls as much but it touches my prostate PERFECTLY when sitting still and doing nothing. It sits right on it. Imagine someone lightly poking their finger all day in that one spot. Drives you insane. 🤤I’ve worn it and just relaxed and it definitely forces involuntaries every time. The silicone makes it comfortable long term. So fun! I’ve worn it out for hours and it never slips out.

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