1. I’ve got it. I like it.

    Don’t feel it (or any of the other Aneros) moving, but it feels like it’s very slightly longer and maybe that helps. I can feel some itching inside me with it, and funny also with Eupho.

    Mind, I’ve never had an orgasm in 7+ years of using my 7 Aneros (Helix Trident, Eupho Trident, MGX Trident, Maximus Trident, Peridise, Tempo, Progasm Ice) or the others I threw away (Helix Syn, Eupho Syn, MGX Classic).

  2. I started with the Helix Syn..used it on& off… then got serious… learned how to really move it around…still wasn’t getting the real amazing feelings and PO’s… I felt that I needed something larger or fuller… had to watch the diameter of the massager, since my butt is very tight… I started doing more research and found a Sale for the Maxi… with it being 1” at its widest, I thought I’d give it a go… Man, once I got it inserted, the magic happened and started with HFDO’s almost immediately… I’ve never looked back and still enjoy the pleasure of PO’s bi weekly… also use it doing coitus with the wifey and have massive loads when achieving penile orgasms…. I found that nipple stimulation is hugely important… And I’ve incorporated coating the Maxi with a 400mg CBD oil that totally relaxes my colon and fills up my prostate… within 10 mins, I am in totall PO nirvana…. That’s my story and recommend the Maximus wholeheartedly… good luck

  3. I bought the Maximus recently and have had interesting results. I had been trained on the Eupho which is longer but skinnier and had great results. So when I first put the Maximus in I didn’t feel anything and thought it was a dud. Then I relaxed and laid there for a bit and watched some porn and slowly got a crazy itch/tickle that I’ve never felt before. Totally different sensation than the Eupho. Since that first session I haven’t been able to get that feeling back but it was crazy and lasted for 2 days. In a later session I had my first orgasm that felt like a penile orgasm but dry. (With the Eupho the orgasms felt more internal and left me wanting more). I’m trying to get back there but had to give it a break for a bit because I overdid it and was feeling discomfort during each session.

    After 7 years of playing on and off I feel like I’m realizing that different toys really do effect people differently. So if you’re interested in it then I say go for it and see what happens. You’re never gonna know how it works for you until you personally try it.

  4. I have the Maximus Trident and it’s a nice balance between the Progasm Jr. and the Helix Trident. Not too big to keep it from moving well, and yet big enough to apply decent pressure on your prostate. This was the first model that caused me to “squirt” prostate fluid during intense prostate orgasms. Not sure why, I think it was because it is just big enough to put pressure on the prostate but not too much as the Progasm does for me. Not to say I don’t like the Progasm or Jr, they just apply more pressure. I am at the point now where I can “squirt” prostate fluid with even the Eupho, so it all basically comes down to the deeper you relax, the more intense it can get. With all that being said my usage of the Maximus Trident is easily over 50% of my sessions. The remaining 50% are divided up between Helix Trident Syn and Regular, Progasm Jr., MGX Trident, Eupho Trident, and the (4) Peridise. I have a Progasm BlackProgasm Icethat I use rarely, it is just almost too much for my anatomy, but there are days that it gets the nod.. 😎

  5. I have it, don’t use it too often. It provides a sense of fullness that can feel nice at times, but there’s no movement or mobility at all for me, which means it never really gets anywhere. I have more success with the Eupho or Helix.

    I feel like for me, the perfect aneros would be a Helix that had slightly more reach (like the Epho does). I originally bought the Maximus hoping it might fill that role, but it doesn’t really because it just provides too much fullness and not enough movement.

    Having said that, every session is different and sometimes what “usually” works doesn’t, and what doesn’t usually work does. So I still try the Maximus occasionally, but usually early on when I’m still trying to build arousal. I know a lot of people talking about warming up and moving up to larger toys, and past a certain size I’m sure that’s necessary. But when using aneros toys, I find that as I get more aroused, mobility becomes far more important than size. The Epho is probably my most reliable aneros for that reason, and the one I usually end up using the longest once I’m aroused.

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