Maybe close to Super O

Maybe close to super O

So I had an amazing session yesterday. During this I had some of experiences that I’ve heard described as part of the super O. Although it was amazing, I don’t think I had the full blown super O.

I have read accounts that said you saw flashes of light and colors. During my session I saw what looked like fireworks going off, but no color. And what looked like lightning behind clouds. Again no colors. I also felt for split seconds like I was sliding across the bed. These were only for very short intervals, but frequent. I had an electric feeling that climbed up my body from my crotch. And of course very intense feelings of pleasure.

So I guess my question is, was I close?

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Adding to the collection

So I currently have a Helix syn , had it for about 4 years. I’m thinking that I want to try a different Aneros. I have awesome sessions with it, I am just curious about some of the other models. What would everyone suggest?