1. I like the Progasm Black Ice.

    Big, very slick surface compared to the Syn models, very hard as well, and with a nice shape.

    It’s like the opposite of the Helix Syn while still being an Aneros. I find that I get much more fun out of my Progasm than from my Helix Syn.

    The Helix is so small that I have to be really excited to get much from it, but the Progasm can make me excited without prior horniness as a requirement. (IF I’ve not played too much and desensitized myself.)

    I think if you are comfortable with the size you’ll enjoy it!

  2. I had the Progasm first, the size was good for feeling “full” but after a while I realised it didn’t have the freedom of movement that’s needed to give me that “tapping” on the prostate feeling. But would feel sore after like 40 minutes.

    I found the Helix to be perfect for involuntary movements that give the tapping prostate feeling that ramps up (my) sessions. But I wanted a more full feeling and tried a bunch of non aneros massagers to little success.

    Finally I tried the Maximus aaaand its perfect. Not too big to get sore, not small enough to lose the full feeling. I’ve had the most progress in my rewiring yet with the Maximus, and I don’t feel like I see many posts about it.

    But it’s all up to your build, how far you are into rewiring/relaxation, and what feelings you’re looking for during a session.

    Im a straight guy, but read about prostate orgasm and wanted to experience one. I needed a while to get past the nervousness of having something in my ass and found that my prostate didn’t give me ANY feelings. But I liked the fullness feeling while going traditional. Slowly but surely it became a sexualized exciting feeling. Once that happened my prostate became more identifiable and that’s when I realized if it had more mobility (enter Helix (pun)) it could work on its own better (how it should).

    Hope that helps.

  3. I actually have the Maximus, Helix Syn trident, Eupho, and now the MGX. I will say they all invoke different feelings and depends on how excited or horny you are. I do find the Helix Syn the largest of my collection and having the least movement of them all. The MGX is brand new. Just got like 2 weeks ago and so far I like it.

    Hope that helps

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