After 7 years my first ever prostate orgasm :)

I have been interested in playing with my prostate since I was 17 and reading about these magical orgasms that go trough your whole body. I spent hundreds of dollars in different toys and never got very close, sometimes I achieved some pleasure but never even close to cumming. My toys alway were dildos or wands or vibrators but then I bought aneros for more of a relaxing session. First I got nothing but then after smoking some weed and playing with my nipples I finally got somewhere, one session I felt like touching my nipples suddenly felt good in the tip of my penis and I felt this growing glowing and warm feeling inside my abdomen. That moment passed after a minute and didin’t progress into an orgasm, hence my 4 weeks of frustration. During this time I think I unlocked something in my body because I started getting orgasms working out lmao.

I know you need to be extra horny so during my last session I was sure I couldn’t get an orgasm since I had sex the previous day and my horniness was pretty low. Still I decided to watch some porn and got into a mood, then smoked some weed and inserted my Aneros. I read somewhere to use a thin T-shirt while flipping the milk makers so I tried that and holy shit it made all the difference. My nipples started feeling things they never did while I stimulated them directly. I watched some porn and then I tried relaxing with some relaxibng sounds on my headphones but I noticed the porn gave me more feelings. This time touchung my nipples kinda skipped the glowing feeling inside my abdomen and instead I started feeling more of a growing pressure there. I was laying on my back legs bent and then I straightned my legs still rubbing my nipples and got a hands free orgasm. It felt like the pressure releasing but instead of a whole body experience of multiple waves it was pretty lame, I felt the orgasm only in my lower abdomen and it was over in 20sec and I couldn’t get a new one after that.

Even tho that orgasm was “lame” compared to the stories I read here I’m ecxcited to try again, this time I think I’ll get more horny if that was the problem. Now when my shirts rub my nipples I get shivers of pleasure so I quess that’s a plus lmao.



  1. Prostate orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. Think of it as a beginning. There are guys that haven’t had one. Some practicing 10 years plus. There is alot of useful info on the Aneros site. (Forum)

  2. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Weed is a must for me. It’s the only I can get the most intense Super-O’s. Try contracting your prostate in a slow rhythm.

  3. Pretty sure you had a regular nipple orgasm, which is just a regular orgasm you get from playing with your nipples. The prostate toy helps too, but it doesn’t make it a prostate orgasm. Not to bring you down or anything, because these are pretty neat to have.

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