Advice for a beginner?

So i ordered a Helix Syn V and it arrives tomorrow. Naturally I’m excited but I know I probably won’t get results right away. I havent ejaculated in 4 days and I discovered Mindgasm today and did the first lesson. It wasn’t too hard, but I didn’t really feel a tingly feeling so it said I might. However it did involuntarily spasm a bit or maybe i just didnt flex hard enough.

Anyways, any advice someone could give for a beginner to prostate play? I only have a 3pc buttplug set which isnt really ideal for prostate olay. I have a lube shooter and aneros lube so I’ll use lots of that. How should I do the contractions? Any pattern i should follow? What positions do you recommend?



  1. If you want to enjoy your aneros make sure you exercise your pelvic floor muscle. That will give you the control you need to maneuver your aneros, also try to relax and do tantric breathing. The more you work out your PC muscle the more you’ll be in tune with the movement of the aneros. As for a position try all sorts of positions because every one is different, so one posotion might work for someone else but might not work for you. Take your time experiment don’t over do it this is a journey. Oh and when you do have a session make sure your really horny and not tired.

  2. The three main points for me are :

    – **Relaxation**. Scan your body often during the session and relax all tense muscles, all contracted sphincters. Then do it again. While doing this, focus on the sensations in your prostate area.

    – **Breathing**. Breathe in a controlled manner. Fill the lower lungs, then the upper. Empty the lower lungs first, then the upper. Fill and empty as much as possible. And continue to focus on the emerging sensations.

    – The caresses on the **nipples**. After 20 or 30 minutes, you can start to gently stroke your nipples. A connection with the prostate should be established little by little.
    There is one more very important and very difficult point: not to have expectations…
    One last remark: try not to use vibrations… I know you won’t resist trying them (I wouldn’t resist myself!), but after you’ve tried them once, practice a few sessions without vibrations.

  3. I also used the same Sync V model to start out with. I just learned different positions,on my own, Vibration settings, Power level settings, Lubes I usually used Power level 2 & on Vibration setting #7. I had a great time learning till my Sync V started losing it’s power & messing up. I even used it with the power turned off too. During the 2nd month I was having Pgasms one right after another in waves of pleasure; which kept getting more intense. I highly recommend the Aneros Helix Sync V for prostrate pleasure! I also learned things by reading stuff on this web site. Enjoy & post your progress.

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