What now?

I am completely new to doing anything with my prostate (and ass) and I got a Helix Syn Trident last week. I tried the do nothing method as well as the first two lessons of mindgasm and I could not feel anything at all. Today I tried to just masturbate with it in and I felt it so much more and even felt some involuntaries. I tried to stop touching my dick a few times but I could feel myself losing arousal quickly. Do you think edging before do nothing or mindgasm will be beneficial or will it prevent rewiring? Thanks in advance for the advice

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  1. The first time I used my Helix I stroked with it also. Until my body got used to the stimulation. Then I started doing longer and longer spans of time before stroking. Eventually I stopped stroking with it and just enjoying. Have you tried clinching with it in? Flexing the pc muscles. This will also move the toy, I do the do nothing method now, but at the start I did the clinching to get things going.

  2. Yes, edging ***before*** a session is a good way to increase arousal. Masturbation during or after a session is not recommended when you start the journey.

    At the beginning, try to separate traditional masturbation from Aneros sessions as it will impede your rewiring.

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