Mind blowing sex with the wife!

I decided to pregame while waiting for the wife. Got myself super horny, lubed up, inserted and relaxed. Got the the blood flowing, face got flush. Then comes in the wife in lace. I have my seamless PA ring in, normally she makes me take out the jewelry.

Took care of her so she’ll take care of me. All with my aneros in, start pounding, and good god my climax was mind blowing. Lasted well over a minute, aneros shot out, I was in too much heaven to control or care.

If you haven’t tried it. Put it in the bucket list.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rdu3hy/mind_blowing_sex_with_the_wife/


  1. I have done this with my Helix it is pretty amazing. If you’re worried about cumming too quickly, try a vibrating toy, feels great during PIV sex, and I actually last longer.

  2. Congrats, sounds amazing! I know this is a bit unrelated, but I really think prostate play has super charged my orgasms outside of using the toys, even when I haven’t used them for weeks. I still have those weak, boring orgasms more often than I’d like, but when I edge, I started to get full body feelings when I cum. It’s like tingling all over and it only started after I began p play and started having better orgasms through that. It used to just be one ‘pulse’ of tingling which felt interesting but wasn’t exactly intense. But the tingling sensations have grown so much that now often when I use my fleshlight, the tingling hits powerfully when I cum all over and I even get other waves of it passing over my body. Never had any of this until I began really dedicating myself to regular prostate play, seems like a coincidence that my orgasms should suddenly change at the age of 30.

  3. Been meaning to try this, but haven’t yet. I’ve occasionally “pre-gamed” in the hours before sex with the wife, but that’s it. Partly because my wife has zero interest in anything anal, so although she knows I’ve been exploring it’s been strictly a solo thing so far.

    Even so I’ve noticed traditional partnered sex has gotten much better since awakening my prostate. Orgasms are stronger/longer. And I have more control, I can just ride that crest as long as I want without worrying about finishing prematurely. Big difference from before, where the “point of know return” could sometimes come on quickly and with little or no warning.

  4. Take t from an older guy who started penile orgasms 3xs a day in my early teens… prostate massaging with the aneros in steps everything up amazingly… while I now prefer the multi orgasmic PO’s over penile orgasms.. my white maxi helps me explode like I was still in my teens! (Well, almost, lol)

  5. Regularly using a butt plug tunes up the whole male pleasure canal from rosebud to cockhead. Aneros training teaches muscle groups all along the canal to contract involuntarily with growing power. Thus, more muscles get recruited when you have a wet orgasm, spreading the sensations from groin to backside and beyond 🙂

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