Advise Needed for Aneros Helix!

I was using an Aneros Helix Sync V with great results until I sent it back for a replacement. So I decided to get a regular one without any electronics inside of it. I got a Aneros Helix, which is just a white hard plastic model. The results were completey different. Using the same water based lube with a Lube Shooter; it felt as if it was drier on the inside of my body & not moving anything like the Silicone model,(the Helix Sync V). I guess I might need to use a silicone lube with the white hard plastic one. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! For me the silicone coated models works alot better. I only had 1 Pgasm with the white plastic one. With the Helix Sync V, I can’t count how many Pgasms I had. They were one right after another one till I had to stop. Since I only have 2 or 3 months of experience, any suggestions would help! Thanks. I have to wait impatiently for my Sync V replacement!



  1. Surprised to hear that, as many people claim the white ones move better because the surface is lower friction and won’t absorb lube. I would try with more lube before giving up, but it may be that you just prefer the Syn versions, nothing wrong with that.

    I like the Syn models better mostly because the tabs are too hard/sharp on the original models, but I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in how they feel internally.

  2. If you are used to the vibrations then I think anything non-vibration would be underwhelming for a while until you get used to it. It is subtler but from my experience you can get a longer buildup with a higher peak than with the V vibrations. I’ve also used both syn models and non-syn models… and lube type does make a difference. I still find much success with the thin water based stuff on the plastic ones, but usually prefer something thicker like KY jelly since it lasts longer. You may just take better to the silicone and vibrations, but I wouldn’t give up on the plastic ones so quickly. They are just different and should be appreciated/approached as such.

  3. I use the white model. I have syn models but don’t use them much. A white Helix with coconut oil is a very slick drag free combination. The movement with involuntaries feels great.

  4. I now use my Maximus with the cocoa butter Vaseline (and add a coating of 400mg CBD oil… movement is tremendous and Im achieving PO’s in 5-10 mins tops..

  5. It is bigger. It gives a more fuller feel. Helix moves easier. Love both, use both during sessions. All the Aneros massagers have little differences.

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