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Hello, I’m new to prostate play and had first session with mgx trident. and I have a questions..

I laid on my back legs spread knees bent pointing upwards. and when I lightly contract my crotch region (not sure about it being pc muscle or not) that area including my dick starts twitching a little, it felt good but didn’t go anywhere. After 2hr I just rubbed on out and ended my session.

So here is my question, I see that “do nothing” approach is recommended quiet often around aneros communities. But when I tried it today I felt nothing, thus leading me to do light contractions. Should I continue contracting my muscles to feel something or do I keep trying “do nothing” technique even though I don’t feel anything?

Second question, If I end my session without climax(no orgasm, no rubbing one out). would that help me on the next session? I sure hope so…?

Sorry if this questions are asked frequently. I went back and forth on /r/prostateplay and here but had to ask it.. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I ALWAYS cum by jerking off. While you’re getting close next time, notice how you automatically pull it in. Take a second to relax everything. Be mindful of which muscles are being flexed, where you feel it, anything. The cumming motion down there is the muscle movement you want!!! Happy orgasms dude!!

  2. Biggest tip I can give is to be patient and practice being mindful of learning where your prostate is and deriving pleasure from it.
    Not climaxing from a penile orgasm is twofold for prostate pleasure
    1. Getting your mind used to the sensations of pleasure from your prostate is hard if you’re still thinking of/relating it to what a traditional orgasm feels like. So taking time away from that and easing yourself into a different kind of pleasure generally makes it easier.
    2. It’s easy to desensitize yourself if you’re pounding your pleasure center EVERY day. Building arousal is a huge huge HUGE part of prostate orgasms. It’s no stretch to say if you aren’t in the mood things aren’t gonna happen the way you’d like them to.

    Finding out what turns you ON, immersing your mind in it, being patient and becoming both hyperaware of your body’s sensations while being relaxed/receptive to them is how you see progress. From what you’re saying it seems like you may have been experimenting and not fully mindful of the sensations/signals your body was giving you.

    Next time try this
    Rather than keeping your knees bent just lie down on your back in whatever position is most comfortable for you to maintain while keeping the toy in. Try edging for a good hour or two beforehand while watching what porn gets you really turned on. Then when your session is beginning rather than do light contractions repeatedly just maintain a light squeeze of your pelvic muscles. Finally, get hyper in tune with what your body is telling you about your pelvic area. Any mild sensation of pleasure try and immerse yourself in, and if it stops don’t get hung up on it. Don’t go in with expectations, just try and observe while getting into how enjoyable any sensations feel.

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