Thoughts on upgrading from the Helix Syn Trident to a Progasm Black Ice, but I’m getting worried by reviews.

I got my Trident awhile back and have been playing with it, got some decent sessions and sensations out of it, but no hands-free orgasms. I feel like a lot of my disappointment with the toy was the lack of girth, I honestly don’t feel the Trident back there. So when I read guides on “feel the toy inside of you”, I kinda just feel lost. An important note is that before getting the Trident I already had years of anal experience up to the point I could just about do fisting. So as someone who likes girth, it seems getting a Progasm is sensible. However, I’m concerned about people saying that “it’s too much pressure on the prostate to really enjoy”, and I know that a lot of people suggest to go for more subtle moves rather than maximum pressure.

So I don’t know if I’m jumping the gun and if I should just give the Trident more time.



  1. It was the first Aneros and butt toy I owned , Love it. You’re ready to take a fist ? You’ll be fine

  2. All my Aneros models give me fantastic orgasms. I don’t think you can be disappointed once rewired.

  3. I’ve always found the reviews of these a challenge. I mean we are all different and each toy will give a different experience. Over the the last 18 months I’ve bought most models in the range (all the hard variety and may start collecting the syn models too)

    Of all the models, none are bad… they do different things for me but I would still consider myself new to this… still no hands free O. But if I play around with them and have sex or some kind of sexual interaction… mind blowing! In different ways. I barely feel the Eupho touch my prostate but when I cum later on “WOW”

    So we are all shaped differently… I’m enjoying finding all of this out for myself and seeing how things feel, for me it’s a lifetime journey now 🙂

  4. Bigger isn’t always better. Helix is a good one to start. I would also get a Tempo. Make sure you get aroused first and deep breathing thru your mouth.

  5. As stated above, bigger is NOT always better. I hope I wasn’t the poster that said, “it’s too much pressure on the prostate to really enjoy”, as that has been my experience with the larger toys, as I still use the Progasm occasionally, but the smaller versions “work” better FOR ME!

    Everyone’s experience will vary depending on anatomy, conditions, etc. You won’t know until you TRY one for yourself. And therein lies the “rub”….😎

    Buy a Progasm Black Ice, try it out, and see where it takes you.

    I have every model of Aneros only because I wanted to experience the different sizes for myself to determine my PERSONAL preference. I understand that finances may be an issue for some, but save up a few $$ and buy the next model of Aneros and see where it takes you!

    The Progasm will definitely add pressure to the prostate and I have had mind blowing experiences with it, but, for my anatomy, it won’t stay in place during extremely intense prostate orgasms, as my body uses very strong, involuntary, reverse “kegel” muscle movements at the pinnacle of some of these sessions. And it will try to expel itself at the height of these, and it ruins the relaxation if I have to consciously “clench” to retain it. I honestly believe if they made a Progasm with a neck like a Helix, they would have a MUCH better Progasm. ( Hey R & D, call me? !! LOL 😎)

    Have a good week and keep on…!! 😎😎

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