At long last!

I’ve been chasing the hands free orgasm for years with moderate success in achieving dry orgasms. Last night, I finally made myself cum with my aneros.

I inserted the helix syn and left it alone for about 30 minutes while I did some laundry. After a while, I put down a towel and started playing with the aneros, mostly avoiding touching my dick.

I searched for some hands-free videos online and watched the techniques some of them employed, and tried to mimic them. It also made me really horny watching guy after guy fuck his own prostate until cumming, which helped.

At a certain point, I felt the tingling start to build in my prostate, and I kept applying pressure. I felt like I would cum at any minute, but I just couldn’t push past that threshold. I finally grabbed my dick and stroked a couple of times, the most intense feelings I’ve ever had while masturbating.

I stopped because I could feel the pressure building, and I continued to press the aneros against my prostate harder and harder for about 45 seconds, and then it happened: cum slowly started oozing out of my dick, just a stream of chunky cum.

Once it stopped, I started stroking my dick and found that it wasn’t sensitive to the touch like it would be after a typical orgasm, which allowed me to jerk out another load.

I’ve been chasing this for over a decade, and it finally happened. My goal is to get there without touching my dick at all next time. But for those feeling hopeless, just keep at it! You’ll get there eventually!



  1. Excellent mate that’s a grear result, you must have been in disbelief for a moment haha.

    I’ve been so close on a few occasions and i’m sure i’ve had the dry orgasm, a couple of times i’ve felt like the pee sensation but almost as if i can feel the semen coming through but nothing which is frustrating.

    I could feel the sensation but not have the hands free so i’m going to take your advice here and actually insert the Aneros for half an hour before i decide to play, maybe thats what i’m missing.

    Was you in any particular position which helped, it sounds like you we’re sitting up watching the hands free vid’s, something else I need to watch which should help instead of general porn.

    Thanks buddy and let us know if you hit the spot again.

  2. Congrats on the HFWO… that’s exactly what happens.. however I prefer the HFDO’s that I experience… I can go on for hour or two having them and it never stops until I finally rip out the aneros… HFWO pretty much ends the session… still fun to have, but nothing beats the dry ones… save the wet ones for the wife.. lol

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