Complete beginner

Hello all, as the title says complete beginner here. I’m looking for something to stimulate the prostate primarily during partnered intercourse with my wife. Having never experimented with anything more than a finger in and around the anus should I look into an Aneros trident, peridise, or a small plug (b-vibe, or Maude cone)? I’m concerned a trident or other aneros products would hinder positions and mobility during intercourse. Thanks in advance.



  1. I have used my Aneros Helix during sex, it’s nice but I would honestly go with the B vibe snug plug.

  2. After some time and success with p-play the very first thing I would recommend is doing a lot of research. This helped me a lot. If you haven’t, take the time to thoroughly read the aneros wiki. Also go on the aneros forums website and ask the veterans there all your questions. They’ll help you.

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