Unwanted problems with the PC-muscle

Hi all, I’m looking for some advice, as I have some issues that are bothering me. I apologize if this gets a little long, but bear with me please.

I’ve had success with the Aneros before, as well as certain Aless experiences, such as dry full body nipple orgasms by way of nipple stimulation alone. At times I’ve had minor orgasms by way of thought alone, and so while it may sound like I got a good deal going on, which is probably true, after some experimentation many months ago, I feel stuck. Here’s why:

Before, I could do nipple stimulation only and get my body so charged up, that it was only a matter of “hacking the password” for each period of time, figuring out exactly what approach combined with mental aspect that would set me off into orgasmic la-la land at that point. But now this is not happening anymore.

The reason is that I was reading about flexing of the PC-muscle, and I realized I never really did this, unlike many others. So I experimented with this, where I squeezed it, and I don’t think it was too hard, then held for 10-30 seconds at a time, and released it. When I did, I noticed it did generate a surge of mild pleasure in my prostate, but nothing crazy. However, at one point, my PC-muscle went nuts, and just started moving constantly on its own. Initially for the first few days, it would do this when I went to bed in particular, and it caused me loss of sleep, fatigue, dizziness, and more. After this happened, it was almost impossible to do anything that had to do with nipple or prostate stimulation without triggering my PC-muscle to go nuts, and it never was in a good way either.

I took some time off and it improved, but there’s still faint trembling and movement to this day. If I get horny and want to do something related to nipples or prostate, I can feel it start to quiver or tremble, and while people here say from time to time that this is a great sign, for me it’s been a tremendous setback, so much so that the development I had before, has almost been erased.

What has further set me back, as a result of this issue with my PC-muscles, is that before this happened, when I generated pleasure, it would spread throughout my entire body. And then it was a matter of working with this until I could make it turn into an orgasm. But now, almost every single time, the pleasure just stays in my prostate/groin area, and never goes beyond a sort of base-level of pleasure. Even if it intensifies by a lot, it doesn’t cross over to an orgasm nor does it turn into a full body experience. I’ve had moments where I’ve managed to do this, but only after several weeks of no nipple/prostate stimulation whatsoever. But often these moments suddenly turn into the issues I’ve had for a while now, making everything more difficult. And when these pleasure sensations have remained fixed in my prostate/groin area, it feels like where before when I didn’t really feel that it was complicated to utilize my sphincter and PC-muscle for super gentle contractions like rolling wave etc., now it feels like there’s a ton of different spots internally that I can manipulate. This however is not a plus, as it feels like my body gets stuck in a certain “position” or sensation, and I can’t get past it. For example, often it turned into me contracting in a way that sent the pleasure towards my dick. Now and then this felt great, but only in the sense that it made me deeply crave a penile orgasm through this kind of stimulation.

I never got that though, wet or dry, but now it feels like my body has become conditioned to going into that mode almost instantaneously, meaning to relax into what was before, without the PC-muscle going off on its own, and without everything centering in the groin in particular, is terribly difficult. That it became a penis-centered thing also made me turn into traditional masturbation during/after a usually failed session, wanting release, which I didn’t used to do, and perhaps this has further conditioned my body in an unwanted way.

I just wonder how much this is a physical issue and how much of it is mental. I also don’t really know how to fix or reset my PC-muscle issue, and to get back to where I were. If I could do that, it’d be great, because it was mostly mental work before that was the make or break factor for orgasms or not. Now it feels like my body is against me.

It is beyond frustrating because I feel like I can relax my mind, but not my body. I haven’t read up too much on this, but I wonder if I have hypertonia or pelvic floor dysfunction of some sort, and this has become a roadblock for me. For what it’s worth, majority of symptoms described for this issue, i.e., pelvic floor dysfunction, I simply don’t have. I can urinate and defecate just fine. My problem is related to achieving sexual pleasure through nipples/prostate in the way people here want to, as well as it causing some annoying sensations when sitting or lying down, at times.

I’d like to hear if someone have experienced this, or if there’s any good advice, in how to fix it. Because I don’t want to experience this. The unwanted quivering and trembling to me doesn’t help me, it does the opposite.

I’ve had major full body orgasms with the Aneros before, probably super orgasms, although I don’t care about labels. But now this seems very far away.

Any advice would be welcome. Many thanks.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your issue, sounds frustrating. I have the opposite problem, I can’t get anything involuntary going at all so no p-waves or super-o’s. I can however focus on voluntary contractions and get hfwo’s, not sure if I’m on the right track or not.

  2. Damn, this is a hard one. I can say that I’m similar to you in feeling orgasms, very good with it mentally . When you experimented with squeezing your pc muscles, thats when you said the pc muscles began to go crazy. if you were doing this with the aneros, the aneros is designed to move like that. In and out. And I guess your body just followed with the aneros without your mental part wanting it, since I assume you’ve done most of your stuff mentally. A lot of people said they had the same feeling of the of muscles spazzing randomly and they thought they broke themselves, but it felt good to them, and it got better within a few days. If you are using the aneros in this whole post. I think maybe try another kind of stimulation. I suggest a dildo. maybe getting fucked hard might fix the problem 😂 it seems to me that you’ve fully graduated from the aneros. Maybe it’s time to try something new. I hope this helped

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