How to progress past HFWO?

Hi all, pretty new to aneros but experienced in anal play and can achieve a hands free wet orgasm via my prostate with ease. I think because I’m so used to that, my sessions with aneros have so far usually ended with a HFWO after which I’m no longer interested. I’ve had much more intense feelings along the way with the aneros and I’m really.enjoying the journey but want to know how I get past just cumming and finishing and move towards dry orgasms and super-o etc!



  1. Not that there is anything wrong with a HFWO but I agree, it would be nice to move on to the next step…I too look forward to comments from those in the know.

  2. Its a different (neural) pathway to a different orgasm.. you have to learn it!

    I too started easily having HFWO and thought that was it.. but no.

    You must:

    1- not rush or force anything. Just try to be relaxed the whole session.

    2- pay attention to the most subtle feelings. Every session you can improve and learn new stuff.

    3-not look for “an edge” or ejaculatory reflex with contractions. Yes, you will know for sure when Dry pgasms happen, but the approach and everything else is gradual and feel different from penile orgasms approach.

    4-identify mini Os – those for me are stronger pwaves that give me some satisfaction and relief, but not a complete orgasm feeling. Once you get those, you are getting close! The full orgasms come, like an ascending curve, from strong pwaves -> miniOs -> strong miniOs -> orgasms (sometimes orgasms come alone from nowhere tho, its quite common, as mentioned bellow*).

    5-not expect when they will start. Trust me , sometimes then come from nowhere! So when you are “trained” enough, you will relax and be surprised by them sometimes.

    I repeat: dry prostate orgasms are real and feel different, they are more intense and internal, involving the whole pelvic area and spread throughout the body sometimes. The key points are relax, enjoy the entire road and learn!

    Good luck, nice orgasms for you 😉

  3. I’m also trying to get past this, my last session i really tried to relax and not push anything, for me it’s resisting the urge to thrust and increase pleasure that way which leads to hfwo, i think i had a p-wave or something positive happened for the first time without an immediate hfwo.

  4. To achieve dry-prostate orgasms you need to separate orgasm from ejaculation. The orgasm will be first and a second or two delay a penile orgasm/ ejaculation will happen. I started having dry orgasms from my aneros use. Also you will start having aless orgasms. They can happen anytime. From the Aneros forum, these guys reframed from touching their penis during their sessions. I have found semen retention for 10 to 15 days enhances the p-waves and dry prostate orgasms. Must be patient and not force it. It took me awhile before I started having multiples. All I can say it was well worth it.

  5. You have too much tension in your pelvic floor area. This is why you are having HFWO.

  6. Stuck in the HFWO syndrome as well, feels freaking amazing but I feel there’s more to come! Good luck and if you figure something out be sure to share your findings for us to enjoy and try.

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