Making progress i think.

Hi, so i’ve owned a helix for years and more recently a progasm, i enjoy both even though i don’t get to use them very often due to not having much “alone time”. I’ve been able to achieve a HFWO pretty consistently with both for a while but i’ve always felt this was not the main goal for me, however enjoyable.

The other day I had some time to myself so I thought i’d try to relax and see what happened, gave myself a good clean, popped some lube in and the progasm, then watched a bit of porn to get in the mood. I started to get the usual pleasurable sensations, when in the past i’ve been tempted to thrust my hips which results in the HFWO, this time i just let things go a bit more slowly. After a while i was finding the porn distracting so just closed my eyes and enjoyed what was happening. Pleasure started to build in my prostate kind of like an orgasm building, i got a slight tingling in the head of my penis and the pleasure built up, (it felt pretty great) this then ebbed away, whas this a P-wave? it seems like it. I then continued, trying to get to that point again, the wave of pleasure came again but then i felt cum pouring out of my flacid cock and i’d had another HFWO. This was a really enjyable session but i would have loved to carry on longer, does it sound to you experienced guys like these were p-waves?

on a side note, i’ve never tried weed with a session but i’m tempted based on what a lot of people say about it on here.


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  1. Everyone is so different I have had many crazy super O… but never even once had a hwfo.

    Try not to think of pleasure as certain things while learning… just enjoy what they are and let the feelings grow. Try focus more on the internal feelings of pleasure rather than the penile feelings.

    Weed does make a crazy difference… even if it is just once to learn more feelings you are chasing.

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