I’m finding it hard to discern which models are actually vibrators or not!

I’m not new to massaging in the sense that I have this metal, crescent shaped, bulbous-ended prostate massager I’ve been using for a while, but I am new in terms of Aneros and other similar types. So I’m looking to get one.

I would like a vibrating model, so I’ve been looking at the Vice 2. But I also want a model that is best for achieving Super O, and I’ve seen some articles say that the Vice 2 isn’t the best for Super O.

So then I started looking at other models and I have a tough time figuring out which ones are vibrators or not? Does anyone know of a chart which includes a category that would let me know (like battery, charge time, etc)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rlk1vx/im_finding_it_hard_to_discern_which_models_are/


  1. Go to the Aneros site and click on Products. They say clearly what three models vibrate.

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