1. I usually pull out the plunger and insert the tip of the lube bottle (I use Boy Butter original version) into the top end and squeeze in 1-2 inches filling the diameter of the shooter. Then put the plunger back in, push it down enough to move the lube to the opening, use a bit of the lube to grease up the shooter, insert and deploy.

    The one I use is 0.5″ outside diameter, so…a lot will depend on the diameter, type of lube, type of toy, length of play.

    Even if they don’t have measurements like a medical syringe would, normally there is something (marks on the outside, ribs on the plunger, etc.) that would let you do consistent amounts. You could even experiment until you find an appropriate amount, then mark the outside of the shooter with a Sharpie or scribe a mark.

  2. I’d say with anal play, too much lube is almost enough. I would just fill up the plunger to the max, push it in as far as it goes, and then press it down slowly as you pull it out, to distribute the lube along your anal canal. Have fun!

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