What do you think about?

Not sure what to think about, like lets not think and have a good time? What So I’m hearing Mindgasm and no porn. Be more of a meditative state of being aware of my body. I really want to watch porn though.

Beginner, first time with anything. Helix Syn V just came in and is just about done charging. Sigh… Learn to use without vibrations, don’t rush it…

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  1. Mindgasm is more training and abs calm sounds to relax. It helps a little but. Watching porn takes the focus away from the sensations. I prefer to read kinky stuff while riding.

  2. I definitely agree with porn taking away from the experience. I may watch a little throughout the day before I play, but never during. I haven’t used mindgasm, I don’t listen to anything. I just focus on the sound of my breathing and focus on the experience

  3. I’ll add my beginner tips:

    Most important: The prostate is **not** a magic button that feels insanely pleasurable the instant it is touched. In fact, it won’t really that great unless you get yourself nice and aroused first (more like a dull pressure that does feel *different* but not pleasurable.) Get yourself nice and aroused first. I personally edge a few times by hand, but that’s not recommended if you don’t have the self control not to go too far or don’t have the self control not to touch while using your aneros. You can watch porn or whatever you need to do before inserting your aneros. The prostate swells with fluid during arousing making it easier to find and much more sensitive.

    Next tip: Exercise your PC muscles doing kegels on a regular basis. These are the muscles you’ll need using to control the toy. Since they don’t get used often, it will take time to develop control. Spend a minimum 5 minutes a day, every day, for 2 weeks and you’ll notice a huge difference.

    Mindgasm is great way to learn the basic techniques for controlling the aneros. The techniques do utilize the separate control of your sphincter and PC muscles. This will be hard for you to do at the beginning but as you practice and strengthen your muscles with kegels, you’ll get better at it.

    As far as what to do during, I will watch porn or listen to erotic hypnosis. However, this can be distracting to beginners. Once you get experience, you’ll be better at noticing prostate pleasures such that the porn won’t overshadow them.

  4. I use a slideshow of erotic images on my phone.. if I want motivation I watch that for a little. Pre-session meditation helps greatly for me as does nipple play in session. Try some weed (up to you and the jurisdiction you’re in) if no progress.
    Everyone’s a little different, the above works well for me.. you’ll work out what ‘clicks’ for you – it will take time, but it’s so so very worth it.

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