Foolish question, but how/how often to reapply H2O based lube?

Merry xmass! Xxxmas?

Still learning the ins and outs of toy play. I have the syn V and trident and been playing since Halloween weekend.

I’ve always used lube of course, but have never reapplied during play. Even if keeping it in overnight. I’ve never felt any discomfort or issue, but would like to try as constant period as possible for being lubed up. I have plenty of lube.

So…. Dumb question, how do people do this? Do I take the toy out, apply to toy/hole, go wash hands? Can I take the toy out and just apply to the hole and surrounding skin?


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  1. Are you using a lube shooter, prior to play?

    I do this (using Boy Butter, original version) and have played for hours, even left it in overnight multiple times as I sleep without having to apply more lube during use.

    I think using something besides water-based lube will always give you longer usage time.

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