Beginner tips needed

I’ve just started experimenting with anal play after becoming bored of normal masturbation. I’ve only ever used my fingers with a condom on them and have never felt any pleasure, I’ve only used anal stimulation to aid my external penis orgasm. Where should I start in order to feel pleasure from my ass and prostate before I go out and buy an Aneros product. Any tips are much appreciated!

Edit: I also am 18 and still live with my family so purchasing any toys is something I’m not too keen on. However I still have plenty of home alone time to explore and experiment.



  1. Check out Amazon for a 3 plug curved silicone trainer set (I have this one:

    The smallest is useless really, middle is perfect for me, biggest is fun too, but goes too far in.

    Use with some water based lube will really help you along your way as having something that you can insert and just relax and observe the feelings and different contractions I think really helps you find pleasure.

    The key is relaxation, focus and a mindset of acceptance of whatever pleasure you receive without expectations. Nipples are a real catalyst for many along their journey.

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