Just got home from visiting family for the holidays. I decided to bring my Helix Syn V to continue my “practice” with it before bed. Now that I am back home, I realized I left it in my room… on the ground next to my bed…

I was using it last night and was half awake and took it out and put it to the side to wake up and clean/pack it in the morning. Now I guess I have a dirty aneros in my room, not hidden at all, and I wont be back to retrieve it for at least a year. If my parents look in my room at all they will definitely find it.

This is pretty embarassing. RIP me.

I guess my pgasm journey will be put on hold 🙁

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rqstdr/fuck/


  1. I’ve thought about what I would say in a situation like or similar to this. Best I could come up with is: it’s a prostate medical device to maintain good prostate health. And at my age (me 54) I don’t care what others think. Good luck. 👍

  2. They won’t know what it is.. maybe a “pressure point” device. Also if you didn’t see it in the morning, they might not either…

  3. Just say it’s for Prostatitis, and you seen a Doctor who recommended the use of one? Personally I think I have it as sometimes I’ll get an insanely sharp stinging pain very quickly maybe once a month at random, either it’s that or a muscle spasm. The pain is no joke though! And if it lasted longer I could see even a butt avert man using one to help.

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