Journal post-ride – I am a body of water

Hey all – been lurking for a while for tips but haven’t had a session in a while that warranted any hullabaloo. Had some thoughts and unique feelings during and after this most recent session that I wanted to share. No super-o or breakthroughs, but just some deep feelings I experienced. A little background on my journey thus far:

First off, I got absolutely ruined the first time I *really* used Aneros. I had a helix for a minute and my first time using it resulted in a whole lot of nothing. Just laid there and pfft, nothing. What a trick I had been put under. I had some experience with other anal toys like dildos and plugs, but that was my first massager experience. Not going to act like some expert, but anal play had started to become something I dabbled in.

Cut to a year later in lockdown, I decided to give it another try, which I consider my first REAL ride. Used coconut oil, slid it in and laid with my legs down in kind of a parenthesis shape ( ), just trying to relax. I remember it hitting me almost instantly. My dick got rock hard quickly and it felt like I was cumming, but nothing was coming out. This happened about three times and the next day my anus was tingling well into the early afternoon. I could barely work that day. I think that because I truly had no expectations, my experience was quick and fruitful. On the same hand, after that point my bar was permanently set too high, and I haven’t been able to reach that pinnacle again. Every time I hear Steely Dan’s “Time Out of Mind” and specifically the lyric “tonight when I chase the dragon” (in reference to chasing the first heroin high), I think of trying to replicate that Aneros session. Ugh.

Since then I’ve been maintaining my training on the quest for the ultimate orgasm and all the feelings that come along with the journey. On the session following the one I wrote about above, I didn’t reach the same heights, but at one point, and I honestly can’t articulate this any other way, I felt holographic like a rare trading card. My body and brain were tingling and shining. Just hit me out of nowhere. I think I’ve reached an “anal” orgasm as well, where my anus, ass and thighs “shine” and feel warm, which I achieved with a helix syn. Otherwise, plenty of good feelings, a good amount of duds, a few “fuck it, I’m jerkin it”, but nothing huge.

Now to tonight’s session – using a Progasm Ice, I was once again laying down with my legs in a parenthesis shape. I had been reading some erotica previously and getting some precum going, so I think I was definitely more in the mood than other times. The first half of the session was a slow build, trying to picture the erotica in my head and nothing else while also focusing on my prostate, but my brain is super good at not turning off so I really have to zone in. Eventually I’m starting to feel good, a few flickers of pleasure being sent back up to the brain. I start counting down from 100, aligning with my breathing and nipple play. I can feel it thrusting slightly, but eventually I clench too hard and kind of get taken out of the vibe.

At first I thought I was going to be done, but decided to lay for a little longer. I don’t know what I was thinking about, but suddenly I felt a sensation of slight dizziness or light-headedness. It quickly grew into a twisting, turning feeling of being in a whirlpool. In my head, the vision of my body as a vast body of water appeared. The waves of my body were sloshing with vigor – I had a vague shape but I was wholly uncontained. My nipples, mouth, and dick were pointed rocks sticking out of the water, with waves lapping up around them. The Progasm was some kind of ancient key, submerged but visible, underneath the rocky mass that symbolized my crotch. Almost like a heat element causing the water to move and vibrate. I kept following this whirlpool feeling further and further, telling myself to let go. I was shaking a ton and my leg muscles were tensed up. I kept breathing, nearly panting at this point. It felt amazing, but it likely only lasted 20 or 30 seconds.

Unfortunately my shaking caused some bedside lamps to start rattling as well, causing some unnecessary noise and taking me out of the fantasy. I decided to fold operations there, not wanting to stay up chasing. I likely should have kept going since I had only been at it for an hour, but whatever. I had gushed precum all over my crotch and I felt like my “phew!”‘s were well-earned. So I can live with that for now.

So after all that rambling, I just wanted to wrap up by marveling at what a beautiful things these products are, bringing us these deep experiences. And I didn’t even hit a super-O! I would love to hear other people’s mental interpretations of how they’re feeling in the moment. I’ve read a lot of “shining” and a “ball of light/heat” rising and spreading octopus arms all over your body so far – definitely get that. Thanks for reading, and hope everyone has a happy new year.

tl;dr – aneros made me feel like an ocean; a churning and foaming expanse of dark water coalescing into a whirlpool that sucked me down into a realm of pleasure, along with some other journey anecdotes.


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